We put a face on your business.

Incrementally uncover meaningful micro-moments through cognitive behaviour to enhance the visibility and personal touchpoints through out the customer journey

Our intelligence builds stories that answers the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How.

Your Brand & Customer data

Capture the relevant moments that connect you to your customers and audiences. Through our data tools and verve.ai agent, we focus on dynamic discovery of distilling assets from an avalanche of data artifacts. We begin with your data – by tracing your brand and your customer’s breadcrumbs and identifying cognitive insights we expose over 40 data points that relate to insight from social, persona, content and brand

Individualization, on scale.

Our guided paths in the platform offer the ability to initiate workflow functions so you can inject micro-moments into existing process and allows you to optimize in real-time. Using the most of existing automation investments such as CRM, Marketing Automation, DMP, Social Marketing and other online tools, boost the effectiveness of action flows.

Activated Intelligence

Verve.ai offers the ability to aggregate an abundant level of informed data points so that you can take individuals and apply a customer centric approach to your communications. By analyzing at your customers speed of life, you can optimize and increase confidence when it matters. This level of aggregation, at scale provides personalization that can unlock ROI without the cumbersome efforts of new process or static activities.

Going Beyond Data, takes verve.  Building a strong story, takes verve.Scaling with success is verve.

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