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AI Driven Data

The money is in the question, not the data…
and that is why is the oracle, not a technology!

- Head of Global Innovation 3M

Knowledge is Power.

Our proprietary technology serves you better data science than ever before. Witness business results in the ephemeral moment needed to target your consumers: “real time”. Powered by Augmented Intelligence, our proposition delivers data-driven actionable insights in the now. And it offers so much more.

Information is power and verve delivers the most comprehensive
insights than any other competing platform

- Head of Consumer Insights, eBay

Unravel your challenges.

Meet FB0076320436. She just liked your post.

And all you know about her is that she just liked your post. enables you to move beyond the “like,” giving you a panoramic consumer and market view, informing your next course of action with absolute confidence.



- President, Ziff Davis

The Discovery is in the Process

We begin with your objectives. Combined with over 120 unique data points, and the power of machine learning, gives you unparalleled and consolidated insights, contributing to better segmentation, smarter content optimization, real-time informed decision-making, and much, much more.

Data Science: Humanized

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